PREMIERE | Dateless Drops Head-Spinning House Groover “Bee” via Hot Creations

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If you’re a tech head, stop what you’re doing and listen below. Our newest addition to the site, Dateless, hails from Los Angeles and has cultivated a growing reputation world wide. Coming to us from the ever prominent, Hot Creations, Date’s new track, “Bee,” is a head spinning tech house track that will have you bobbing in a heartbeat.

You’ll definitely want to turn your speakers up for this one. A pounding drum kit leads the charge in your chest, while a featherlight loop of skittering synths circles overhead. As the intermittent vocal fills and computerized glints trade back and forth, what starts as seemingly sporadic synchronizes to an entrancing bop between your ears. These seemingly imperfect grooves are a hallmark of Dateless as an artist. These subtle imperfections create the illusion that his music is being played by live instrumentalists, an element that becomes clear as you listen to more and more of his tracks.

No wonder this LA lad is in such high demand. After hearing this track and exploring his others, I can only imagine how much of an experience his live sets must be. Here’s hoping we see much more of Dateless in the coming future. Stream his newest track, “Bee,” below. Enjoy!

Dateless – Bee