PREMIERE | Denver Bass Twins MZG Share Epic New ‘Beat Treatment’ Mix


We’re really excited today to share a new mix from some up-and-coming hometown heroes. MZG are a bass act hailing from Denver, Colorado that you need to have on your radar. We recently introduced them to the site last year when they teamed up with Kyral x Banko on a wonky banger, and now they return with a 18-minute low-end journey titled “Beat Treatment,” a mix that bounces around from hip-hop, dubstep, bass, and everything in between.

The heavy sounds of this new mix are weaved together flawlessly. MZG deliver a flurry of bangers here, accompanied by some trippy, tech-inspired visuals that they made themselves. There’s a few unreleased heaters from the twins in here, alongside some other bops that they’ve been digging recently.

If you’re looking for a jolt of sonic energy, give this new mix a spin. We can guarantee results.

You can stream MZG’s first “Beat Treatment” mix below. We also caught up with the twins to see what we can look forward to from them in the future, what they love about the Colorado music scene, and more. Enjoy!

MZG – Beat Treatment

‘Beat Treatment’ hits hard!! What’s the general concept behind this project?

Our story behind ‘Beat Treatment’ was mostly influenced by the sense of urgency in everyone’s lives due to the global pandemic. We all entered into the void of the unknown mentally and music, for us, is one of the best remedies for pushing through tough times. The mix starts off tense and builds into a celebratory release which we felt compliments the series of events that unfolded this past year and a half. The artwork was in turn made with a substantial scientific/tech vibe in mind. When we first started conceptualizing this mix I could see that a collection of animated scenes would bring this mix together and breathe life into the concept. We know everyone’s story is different but this was our personal ode to how we’ve been experiencing the past year and a half.

Can we expect more ‘Beat Treatments’ in the future?

It’s hard to say at this point if we’ll be making subsequent volumes of Beat Treatment. This project was a lot of fun but also tedious in regards to the visual aspect of tying it together. Making animations is time consuming but always worth it so if we were to do another we’d have to match or exceed the same fidelity as this one. We’re going to be focusing on singles and EP’s mostly in the coming months so another mix will be sometime next year. There’s a lot of ID’s and edits in this mix that we want to release soon so we’ll have to take time and work with those concepts more.

What is your favorite part about the music/bass scene in Colorado?

Our favorite part of the music scene is how tight knit and dedicated it is. The fans, promoters, talent buyers, venue owners, managers and other varying types of support are truly one of a kind. There’s always a variety of music to attend every week/weekend and plenty of support to go around that drives us all to do our very best when it’s showtime. There’s such a vast spectrum of musicians, producers, and DJ’s that we’ve met out here the past 3 ½ years and all of them have a true passion for their craft and genuinely care for the music scene. Also the amount of talent that exists in this city alone is palpable and it keeps us guessing in a great way because the bar keeps getting set higher and higher and it drives us all to dig deeper and create more amazing art. It truly is one of the finer music/art communities we’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of and we are grateful to be here in this place and time with everyone.

What’s next on the horizon for MZG / something you’re both really excited for?

We honestly are really excited for our first headlining date at The Black Box, August 24th. It’s been a goal of ours since we’ve moved out here to be able to headline local venues like the Black Box and it being an avid supporter of the underground makes it a great place to express ourselves as MZG. We’re also pumped to go back to our stomping grounds for Suwannee Hulaween. It’s nice to go back to the roots and showcase all the work we’ve been up to these past few years and since the pandemic hit we’ve been anxious to get back there. Lastly, we’ve been working hard on a logo rebrand which is really exciting! We think it’s super fresh and are eager to get it out there to our supporters. Other than that we have some more releases, shows, and festival announcements cooking so be on the lookout for what’s to come next for your boys.