PREMIERE | Dillon Marinez Drops an Absolute Roller “Come On” via DIRTYBIRD

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Leave it DIRTYBIRD to deliver something filthy and deep. Dillon Marinez has been a member of the nest since 2019 and today, we’re excited to introduce him to the site with the premiere of his pulsing new roller, “Come On.”

Get your headphones, earbuds, good speakers, anything that has at least some low end to it. You do not want to a single piece of this track. The cyclical bass line tirelessly chugs along, causing your feet to step and head to bob without a second thought. Cheeky fills occasionally peep to the front keeping our attention present, but never tearing us too far from the powerfully addictive bass.

Good luck listening to anything but this for the next few hours. I don’t foresee this train running out of steam anytime soon.

“Come On” is the B-side of his upcoming double single with DIRTYBIRD, out this Friday. You can stream it exclusively below. Enjoy!

Dillon Marinez – Come On