PREMIERE | Dreamers Delight Displays His Soaring Melodic Prowess With New Single, “Cascade”

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Dreamers Delight has been charming the electronic scene with his brilliant melodies since he first debuted on Gramatik’s Lowtemp record back in 2016. Today we’re stoked to introduce the Denver, Colorado artist to the site with a magnificent new tune, “Cascade.”

It’s always a pleasure to debut a hometown hero on the site, and Dreamers Delight has definitely earn the placement. “Cascade,” had us hooked from the moment we hit play. The powerful synth melodies, thumping percussion, and spine-tingling sound design will give you the shivers once “Cascade” reaches its height.

Don’t be afraid to run “Cascade” back after the three minutes is up. We can’t get enough of this one.

Get the exclusive first listen to Dreamers Delight’s “Cascade” below. Enjoy!

Dreamers Delight – Cascade