PREMIERE | DROELOE Link With Fytch On Dark, Brooding Single “Through The Storm”

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Bitbird staples DROELOE just dropped another new single, teaming up with French vocalist and bass producer Fytch for a brooding new single “Through The Storm”. This is the second original track in a two-part collab series from DROELOE that began by linking with Sem for the passionate original track “Facing The Sea”. Where the Sem collab paired lush soundscapes with heavy synth chords for a vibrant soundscape, DROELOE’s track with Fytch channels a much darker vibe.

“Through The Storm is an Oath…a promise to always be a light when the storms of life obscure the view of the shoreline.  Sometimes all that you need is one person to promise to keep shining a light.  This can be the difference between making it to shore safely or being dashed on the edges of a rocky coast.” – Fytch

“Through The Storm” opens with mellow guitar riffs and haunting vocals from Fytch that instantly set the melancholic tone. Before long, signature aspects of DROELOE’s sound begin to creep in: a warm baseline and pitter-patter percussion prelude a hard-hitting wall of bass and piercing synth melodies. The track’s energy ebbs and flows, collapsing down to Fytch’s gloomy vocals before ascending to the high-impact production that DROELOE always brings to their songs. Enjoy!

DROELOE x Fytch – Through The Storm