PREMIERE | Flõstate Debut Their ‘Fantasy R&B’ Sound With Blissful New Track, “Time”

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There’s just something about sedated downtempo R&B that just hits the ear so right. Our newest addition to the site, Canadian duo, Flõstate, is a self-proclaimed “fantasy R&B duo” that has been entwining captivating soundscapes with spell-binding vocal lines. Today, the duo comes to TSIS with the premiere of their hypnotic debut single “Time,” coming to us via Lekker Collective.

The spell of this sensuous track starts with singer/ songwriter Avery Florence’s seductively smokey voice. As she effortlessly weaves a together a no-nonsense plea to a present lover to go all in on their time together, one can’t help but feel instantly inclined to say yes. Meanwhile, producer Michael Le constructs a completely weightless multi-instrumental foreground, causing all sense of time to be lost. The airy guitar lines and decisive percussion build a contrasting sonic support that ebbs and flows like a midnight dance between too free-spirited souls.

The northern duo has made a major splash with this inaugural cut. They say if you’re gonna come in hot, you better not miss, and these two smashed it out of the park. Hopefully their next new track is just around the corner, because I’m already drooling for more. Stream Flõstate’s debut single “Time” below. Enjoy!

Flõstate – Time