PREMIERE | Haelium Drops Dreamy, Nostalgic Electronica Track “Playgrounds”

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In today’s world, we have a tendency to live for what’s next. We get so focused on where we’re going or trying to go, and we forget to look back to our roots where we came from. Today’s premiere by French artist, Haelium, brings us back to our early days as children. “Playgrounds,” is a beautifully lush electronica track with an incredibly nostalgic video shot entirely from the perspective of a toddler. 

This new track does an amazing job of capturing a sense of wonder within its music. A mystifying intro of quaint chimes and lively lightweight percussion sets the frame work of this musical dream. However, Haelium quickly reinforces the percussion and adds a powerful wall of bass and an ethereal chorus to transform this track into a truly euphoric sonic fantasy.

This latest offering is as blissful as they come and will calm even the most tense of listeners. Haelium encapsulates childlike wonder amazingly well in his new track, and we know it’ll bring some tranquility to your day. Stream and watch Haelium’s new song, “Playgrounds,” below. Enjoy!

Haelium – Playgrounds