PREMIERE | Haywyre Drops Wavy Electro Pop Single, “Stay With Me” with Sixten

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Denver based artist, Haywyre, has impressed us time and time again with his synth driven jams. Today, his unique blend of electro-themed sounds land us in  our feels with an emotive new banger titled, “Stay With Me,” featuring vocalist Sixten.

Irresistible grooves and crisp clean sound design are the name of the game for Haywyre, and this latest offering finds him in refined form. Synths pop with laser-like precision while Sixten voices a pining pitched tune, culminating in a drop of ebbing wubs, chopped up samples, and appropriately accented negative space.

You will definitely want to grab your good headphones to get the full effect of this one. Stream Haywyre’s new single, “Stay With Me,” featuring Sixten, below. Enjoy!

Haywyre – Stay With Me (Feat. Sixten)