PREMIERE | Henry Was Lays Down A Slick, Funky House Vibe In His “Pink Cadillac”

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For our latest premiere we have a true diamond in the rough by the name of Henry Was. This American newcomer is no stranger to performance, serving as the drummer for two bands, Thumpasaurus and Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage. Now however, the young talent has set out on his solo producing career, and we’re excited to premiere his new song, “Pink Cadillac.”

This lo-fi track rocks the slickest sedated groove. The sultry bass line leads the way with an undeniable bounce while a steadily pattering drum kit maintains a level energy. As this infectious vibe seamlessly plays out, Henry Was tells a laughably ironic story.

On the outside, a mix of hyper-hip French Rock, Toro y Moi, and lo-fi house. This overtly “cool” aesthetic is juxtaposed by the lyrics’ story of bumbling awkwardness. It’s the tale of a young man who just can’t muster up the courage to just say “no” to a much older woman making advances on him. Instead, he tries to lose her, and they spend an evening playing cat and mouse around the floor of a smokey, run-down casino. – Henry Was

Even though this young lad is still green in his solo career, his years of musical experience are very apparent. His seasoned ear has gifted him with a knack for impossibly catchy lines and we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. Stream Henry Was’ newest groover “Pink Cadillac” below. Enjoy!

Henry Was – Pink Cadillac