PREMIERE | Herbalistek Claw Into You with Their Menacing New Bass Track “Following”

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As we inch closer to October 31st, certain forces come out to play. Certain sinister forces. A pair of spine-chilling specters named Herbalistek have ascended from the deep-running bass caverns of Japan to drop off an ominous new rhythm, “Following,” via Wubaholics.

Warning: listening to this track alone can be dangerous. Listen in packs of at least 2-3 people. You never know what might be following. An eerie intro gains life with curious cascades and an anxious flurry of muted percussion, and with a mad skittering dash we feel the perilous presence of a formless low-end ghoul ensnare us from all sides. Herbalistek gave us some insight behind this hair-raising new beat saying:

“Following” was a track we wrote mostly from our recent inspirations of dubstep/ modern dubstep (freeform bass) but at the same time gives a nod to our older darker productions. We’ve been working on many tracks that enunciate groove and swing, rather than just sound design or wobbles. We feel like “Following” has the best of both worlds while keeping that dark, creepy atmosphere that we feel has become a signature sound of ours.

This single comes off the Wubaholics compilation, A Nightmare on Wub Street Vol.2, due out on Wednesday, October 27th. The collection promises to be a gathering of the most ghastly of low-end purveyors. Get your exclusive first listen by streaming Hebalistek’s new single, “Following,” below. Enjoy!

Herbalistek – Following