PREMIERE | Hip-Hop & Indie Dual Threat REI AMI Impresses On “SNOWCONE”

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There’s nothing that excites me quite like coming across a new artist that pleasantly surprises me. Today I’m pleased to be introducing one of those artists, REI AMI. The Maryland based, South Korean artist impressed me on her new song titled “SNOWCONE” that I’m stoked to be premiering today. It’s an incredibly versatile track that showcases the newcomer’s varied skill set and undeniable songwriting.

On “SNOWCONE,” REI AMI is a true dual threat displaying both her chill, falsetto side as well as her hard-hitting raps. The track kicks off with a chill intro atop a booming hip-hop beat that hears her flexing her flows, going in on a rap verse. But then, there’s an unexpected beat switch highlighted a laid-back acoustic instrumental while REM AMI serenades with a beautiful indie outdo. She hits us with one of the more mind-blowing beat switches I’ve heard and it’s executed perfectly.

Her unapologetic lyrics fit with her background growing up in a family with strict Christian beliefs. “I remember getting in a lot of trouble from my parents whenever I got caught listening to music that wasn’t Christian,” Says REI AMI. “There was this one time my iTunes popped up while my dad was using the computer, and he saw ‘Birthday Sex’ by Jeremih and flipped out on me and told me I was going to go to hell for listening to that kind of music.” This natural rebellion surely had an impact on her distinct sound, and I can’t wait to hear what’s next. Enjoy!