PREMIERE | Hounded Makes TSIS Debut For Magical Indie Electronic Song “Hollow” Ft. Panama + Video

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Today we have the pleasure of introducing Sydney-based producer Eden Visser, aka Hounded, to the site for the release of his dreamy new song & video for “Hollow” featuring the vocals of Panama. The indie electronic single will appeal to any Odesza fan as Hounded captures an irresistible, magical quality about it that has a way of lifting your mood. The thumping drums, backing vocals intertwined with the production and mystical sound design give the sound a laid-back foundation. Along with the song comes a video touching on themes of love and reflection bringing the song to life. Enjoy!

“I was originally trying to write this uplifting little pop track, but Panama’s lyrics were dark and melancholic, screaming of love loss. That wasn’t how I heard the song at all. But I ultimately realised that these two ideas can coexist in sound, because they coexist in life.

Someone may be going through a breakup and listen to the record and relate to what Panama is saying and feel some kind of connection to it. While others may hear the uplifting instrumentation and feel a sense of joy. We really tried to capture and contrast both elements because they exist together in the real world”. – Hounded

Hounded – Hollow (Ft. Panama)