PREMIERE | Hydraulix Remixes Liquid Stranger’s “Psychonaut” Into Spine Tingling Madness

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A new Hydraulix remix? You know what that means folks, grab your helmet and buckle your seat belt. We’re pumped to have the Australian bass bringer back on site for the premiere of an outrageous new remix of Liquid Stranger’s “Psychonaut.”

Coming to us from the ever growing Liquid Stranger label, WAKAAN, this new remix is coming in hot for every last one of your brain cells. Hydraulix leads off with an ominously sparse intro, a signature of the Sydney-based producer, before we take a pixelated climb into a cage of carnage. Brain rattling drones sear through the top end as kicks spit between mechanized fills. If you have the stamina, you’ll soon be treated to rail gun of wubs to balance out that midrange madness.

Man there better be a warrant out on Hydraulix cuz there’s no way all that destruction is legal. He’s bad man with the bass and we’re begging for more. Stream Hydraulix’s new remix of Liquid Stranger’s “Psychonaut” below. Enjoy!

Liquid Stranger – Psychonaut (Hydraulix Remix)