PREMIERE | IHF Taps Into Invigorating Energy With New Single, “All You Need”

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IHF, (short for “Imagined Herbal Flows”) has been behind some the most tranquil organic beats in electronic music in the past decade. His work has garnered millions upon millions of streams online and even some commercial usage and success with Sirius XM Chill and Google. Today, the Washington DC based producer is beginning the rollout of his debut album with our exclusive premiere of the project’s first single, “All You Need.”

If an invigorating breath of cool air had a theme song, this new track would be it. The mild skipping drum kit excites your heart while swelling synths fill your chest with a rejuvenating strength. The chopped up vocal samples give us a gentle stimulation without being overly demanding of your focus. These pieces and more come together to create a subtly uplifting and very pleasant energy to your day.

IHF has been sculpting and perfecting his sound for years, and if one thing is clear, its that this debut album is going to be an absolute treat. Stream IHF’s new single, “All You Need,” below. Enjoy!

IHF – All You Need