[PREMIERE] Jacuzzi – Mizu EP : Trap / Future Bass [Free Download]

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Do the Hawaiian waters hold a secret ingredient that no one is filling us in on? Following the footsteps of Mr. Carmack, fellow compatriot and up & coming beat maker Jacuzzi has come out of nowhere to takeover the airwaves with his slick production style in all things bass. While his remix of 'Disparate Youth' served as a damn good appetizer of his talents, Jacuzzi has unleashed the kraken in the form of a bpm busting Mizu EP. This collection of heaters goes in deep on all five tracks as Jacuzzi takes you on a journey via a symphony of big room bass builds, a wild array of percussion instruments and  sleek variations of synths. Calling this Trap would be an understatement as it takes the sound so much further. Stream the entire EP below and grab yourself a download for FREE. Enjoy.


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