PREMIERE | Drift Away With Jerro’s Feel Good Melodic House Hit “Mouie”

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Whenever we see something new from Lane 8’s This Never Happened label, we know we’re in for a treat. Today, we’re excited to have Belgian product, Jerro, back on site for the premiere of his glowing new tune titled, “Mouie.” Jerro has become one of This Never Happened’s mainstays and this latest shows us why.

The synths—cascading, dancing about like faeries circling over head. The percussion—deliberate and inviting, carefully maintaining a charismatic balance with the rest of the sonic segments. As additional synth layers progressively blend with distant vocal loops, a warm glow resonates from the speakers embracing all who hear it.

This latest comes from Jerro’s new EP, Closer, with each track telling a unique segment of one incredible story. Get an early taste of that story by streaming Jerro’s new track, “Mouie,” below. Enjoy!

Jerro – Mouie