PREMIERE | Jerry Folk Builds A Pristine Neo-Soul Vibe On New Single “Everything”

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If you’re a regular reader of TSIS, you’re probably quite familiar with Jerry Folk. The Norwegian producer has made a name for himself with his bright buoyant electronica, but now begins a new musical chapter with his latest single, “Everything.”

This latest offering finds Jerry tapping into a more sedative sound. Mesmeric loops progressively build, sinking us deeper into the beat in preparation for the wave of synths to come. This kind of beat focused production building into a classic Jerry Folk synth line tells me  the Oslo based producer has some new tricks up his sleeve and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Jerry talks about the creation of this track and some exciting news ahead saying:

I made this single a couple of years ago at a time where I was experiencing a little overwhelming sadness and locked myself in the studio to make music that made me feel better. I was very inspired by music videos and nature at the time and wanted to capture how I felt and create a universe for the feeling to exist in. This kickstarted my idea for the album and the idea for my new side project, Fengsel. The single, album and side project will all be involved in my debut album called Fengsel.

A new side project and a debut album? YES JERRY. Needless to say we’ll be following updates on that news religiously, but until we hear more, stream Jerry Folk’s new single, “Everything,” below. Enjoy!

Jerry Folk – Everything