PREMIERE | Visages Deliver An Elegant Drum & Bass Remix Of KILLSWSH’s “GIRL”

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We see a whole mess of remixes here at TSIS. Some give minor switch ups, others give the OG a complete overhaul, and the latter is our treat for you today. Coming to us via 4NC¥, French quartet Visages has given Dubai duo KILLSWSH’s original track, “Girl,” a lithesome injection of drum & bass.

KILLSWSH is an up and coming duo who specializes in indie rock, alternative R&B, and moody electro pop. Their debut EP and its title track, “GIRL,” feature emotive downtempo songwriting with woozy, synth-soaked production. Newcomer quartet, Visages, stayed true to the impassioned nature of the tune, maintaining the crooning vocals and a gracefully pulsating synth wash. However, by adding a free flowing DnB back beat to the mix, we get a contrasting yet controlled influx of energy that fits like a missing puzzle piece.

This is both groups’ first time on site, but we’re stoked to have been turned onto these guys. We’re always on the hunt for new trailblazing music. Stream Visages’ crisp new remix of KILLSWSH’s “GIRL” below. Enjoy!

KILLSWSH – Girl (Visages Remix)