PREMIERE | Lucid Vision Unleashes Epic Midtempo Banger “Everything Move”


It’s been almost a full year since we last featured Lucid Vision on the site, but today we’re happy to bring back the Denver local for the premiere of a magnificent new track. His latest single “Everything Move” is a testament to his talent at production and, more specifically, his sound design.

This song is meant to set the tone for his upcoming EP Elucidate Me, which he defined as “to render intelligible, to make clear or manifest, to throw light upon, to illustrate.” With its exhilarating bass drops, the resulting track really does feel like it wakes up your inner eye. We start off with ominous bass rolling over the track like thunder. Paired with an accelerating drum line and a swell of melodic guitar, the anticipation for the drop is electric. And then the full might of the song’s storm is upon us, a fantastic collision of bass, muted vocal chops, and synth.

“Everything Move” sets a high bar for the rest of Lucid Vision’s EP, but we can’t wait to hear the rest. It’s due out on Mile High Sound Movement on November 4. This epic track will be released everywhere tomorrow, but until then you can check it out exclusively below. Enjoy!

Lucid Vision – Everything Move