[PREMIERE] Lush & Simon, Gazzo feat. Robbie Rosen – Wasted Love : Melodic Progressive House

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Rising duo Lush & Simon have had their fair share love here at TSIS and have teamed up with another familiar face Gazzo for the new progressive house monster "Wasted Love". This comes after Gazzo's unbelievable flip of Hayden James' "Something About You." 

For "Wasted Love," they’ve brought on vocalist Robbie Rosen to add his catchy singing atop the dance ready beat as the upbeat tempo compliment the peaceful piano melodies. The driving lead synth and punching percussion add festival ready buildups and drops complimenting the poppy vocals and airy instrumentation for an enjoyable listen. This new label aims to connect Italian artists with producers around the world and their first installment is sounding like a great success. Enjoy!

Lush & Simon, Gazzo feat. Robbie Rosen – Wasted Love | iTunes