PREMIERE | Luude Gives Labrinth’s “Vibes” Theme For Euphoria A Dark, Energetic Flip

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Today we’re pleased to have Luude on the site for the premiere of his brand new flip. With HBO’s Euphoria show garnering tons of hype lately, it’s no surprise Labrinth’s “Vibes” theme song for the show is getting the remix treatment. That’s exactly what we have today from Luude and absolutely nailed it.

This flip is a big release for the talented Luude. Today marks the first release since his unfortunate, near fatal motorcycle crash that left him with severe head injuries and partially deaf in his left ear. He’s finally come to a place where his ability to produce music has returned, and we’re stoked he’s back! Luude maintains some of the amazing melodies and vocal elements of the original track while injecting a new level of dark energy and while building the production from the ground up to make it his own in the best way. Enjoy!

Labrinth – Vibes (Euphoria) [Luude Flip]