PREMIERE | Marley Carroll Takes Us On A Vivid Journey Through An “Ice Cavern”

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The music that’s coming from Emancipator’s own Loci Records is simply in a league of its own. We’re very excited to premiere the latest from the label, an amazing sonic exploration of rich, psychedelic synths from the likes of Marley Carroll.

The track is called “Ice Cavern,” a reference to Ocarina Of Time, one of the most celebrated classic video games of all time. From the moment you hit play on this one, it feels like you’re plunged in a fantastical world. The majestic analog synth work on this tune will completely immerse you into this world, while the breakbeat drums keep your body moving.

“Ice Cavern” will be officially released alongside its B-side, “Water Temple” (another Zelda reference) this Friday.

Get the exclusive listen to Marley Carroll’s “Ice Cavern” below, and keep an ear out for more coming from Loci. Who knows what they’re feeding their artists over there. Enjoy!

Marley Carroll – Ice Cavern