PREMIERE | Dive To The Deepest Depths With Matroda’s Bass House Banger “The Movement”

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Matroda came strapped with this latest release. The bass house boss continually blows listeners away with his deep dark production, and his new track, “The Movement,” is a straight up stomper that is just riddled with bass.

This track beckons all dancers to the floor right from the start, leading off with one of house music’s most iconic vocal samples. But the energetic nostalgia quickly takes a dynamically carnal turn, as rumbling bass begins to loom in the distance like a far off thunderstorm. Once the low end synths cascade into the picture, a bombastic bass line rolls to the forefront like a bad ass Cadillac.

This is seriously one of the baddest tracks the Croatian bass composer has ever put out. It perfectly marries explosive production with powerfully minimal bass lines. Stream Matroda’s latest banger “The Movement” below. Enjoy!