PREMIERE | Matt Sassari Flips A Timeless Classic In New Techno Cut “Grace”

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How long till clubs open up again? Just wondering because our latest premiere has me fiending for a dark sweaty dance floor. French techno mainstay Matt Sassari makes his TSIS debut today with the release of a diabolically deep new tune titled, “Grace,” coming to us for premiere via Octopus Recordings.

Some of the most powerful tracks say the least. Less is more in this tech-tinted tune, calling on the power of the music staple, “Amazing Grace,” to tap into our universal recognition centers. As music fans, there’s few things more satisfying than hearing a song, or even just a short sample, that everyone around you knows. The look of excited recognition in everyone’s eyes is a thing of beauty. This latest club conquerer merely has to recall the pick up of one of the most timeless gospel songs in history and put it over a mercilessly minimal tech beat to create a banger that would floor even the most stubborn of party poopers.

Until I can get back to the club, guess I’ll just turn the lights off and bump this through my living room all night. At least the drinks won’t be so expensive. Stream Matt Sassari’s new track, “Grace,” below. Enjoy!

Matt Sassari – Grace