PREMIERE | MNNR Drops Pounding New Bass House Single “Close Your Eyes”

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A self-styled Producer, DJ, engineer, and mix-master hailing from Rome, Night Bass signee MNNR (pronounced “manner”) has established himself as a force to be reckoned with since his arrival on the Southern California bass-house scene. Bringing a fresh approach to vocal sampling, as well as incorporating a more trance-like vibe to his production is what has enabled him to stand out thus far. And with his newest release “Close Your Eyes,” off Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION imprint, he’s continued to cement his niche.

Boasting a rolling, energetic beat that incorporates a droning vocal sample which repeats the title name, the track itself will invoke immediate comparisons to contemporaries like Tchami and Malaa. It really is a rollicking, roller-coaster ride of a track, as right when the beat builds to the point of crescendo, MNNR backs completely off on the tone and pitch. This makes it tailor-made to flawlessly incorporate into many a mix, and will no doubt be used to hype up parties worldwide sooner than later.

Check out a link to the track below. Enjoy!

MNNR – Close Your Eyes | Presave