PREMIERE | Motez Emphasizes The Importance Of “Patience” With Powerful New Single + Interview

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Motez makes dance music for the soul. The Aussie house music veteran has always put out consistently great tunes, and today we’re able to offer you an exclusive listen on his latest single,  “Patience.” This one comes via local cutting-edge house label Club Sweat, and it’s a deep track with a valid message.

“Patience” will not only have lead you to a stirring house groove, but it offers perspective at the same time. The synth melodies, bass lines, and vocals resonate just as much as its meaning.

We got a chance to speak with Motez about his approach and thoughts behind this particular track. You can get the first listen to “Patience” below, as well as peep our conversation with him about the virtue and more. Enjoy!

Motez – Patience

Besides emphasizing the virtue of patience, was there a specific message you wanted to send with this track?

Usually with my music, I try to make each track a reflection of a particular thought I have going through my head at the time, some sort of a “manifesto” of what I am finding thought-provoking. In this case I was fascinated by this newfound understanding of patience and how significant it was for me, naturally making music around that time culminated in this very track. So while I did not deliberately make it about patience, it naturally reflects that notion and how important I found it, the vocals added more depth to the idea and some further context into what I was thinking about.

How important is patience when working in such a noisy and sometimes chaotic industry?

I found it to be game changing. Our industry is inherently fast-paced and relentless, having patience in understanding that things take their own time sometimes, especially if you’re swimming against the current of what’s “cool”, having patience can be the bedrock of your work and it can give you emotional and creative buffer that you need to truly express yourself through your work.

What are some good habits can people form to practice patience effectively?

Trust yourself, your devices and what you’re doing. Being patient doesn’t mean being complacent and “laissez faire”, I found that you would need to make sure you’re doing the best you can and working on improving your output through understanding your craft and tapping into your emotions.

Who did the vocals on this track, and what do they mean to you personally?

The vocals were by Eddie Pinero: a speaker and filmmaker. While I am usually ambivalent to motivational speaking, I found his words hit home. The idea of having your hard work define you rather than all the gimmicks and noise surrounding it really resonated with me. The fact that nothing really matters but the quality and depth of the work you bring into the world. His words added much weight to my newfound affinity for patience.

If you could play a set anywhere in the world, with no restrictions, where would it be and why?

I would love to play a set at La Defense in Paris. Growing up listening to Jean Michel Jarre and watching videos of his concert there shaped me musically more than anything. He transformed that area into a big spectacular show in front of record-breaking crowd. I was, and still am, in awe of him and so it would be a dream of mine to do that.

What are you currently most looking forward to, musically or otherwise?

I have so much new music that I’ll be releasing this year that I am very excited about. It truly captures the music that I have been enjoying over the last couple of years, and a true testament to where I want this project to go.