PREMIERE | Mozambo Sets The Dance Floor Ablaze With Disco House EP, ‘Kennedy’s’

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Who doesn’t love some groovy disco music? When that music hits straight to your soul and starts taking over your body—there’s nothing like it. Today, we’re stoked to bring you French duo, Mozambo, and their powerfully danceable new EP, Kennedy’s, coming to us via Unity records.

This latest project is exploding with dance club energy beckoning all who hear it to the dance floor. Kinetic drum machines, furiously flying bass lines, and chopped up vocal samples come together to create one the most infectiously feel good EP’s we’ve had the pleasure of premiering all year. Speaking on the music’s inspiration, Mozambo stated:

“Inspired by our hometown but also by the music period we grew up in, our music reflects influences from disco and funk from the 70’s/80s but also from the 2000’s French Touch movement. We love the art of sampling, and incorporating vintage synths, disco bass lines, funky guitars inspired by Prince and Earth, Wind and Fire seem-like horns. From Cassius, to Daft Punk through the 2020 Glitterbox disco scene, it is a mix of all that we want to express in our music.”

I haven’t been able to stop bouncing since listening to this project. Even after the EP ended, I can still feel the music coursing through my body. If you’re ready to have all your troubles replaced by the truest groove in the game, look no further. Stream Mozambo’s new EP, Kennedy’s, below. Enjoy!

Mozambo – Kennedy’s