PREMIERE | munro & MarMar Celebrate Their Community with Powerful Single “Coexistence”

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It’s becoming easier and easier for artists from around the world to collaborate from the comfort of their own homes. So, when New Zealand-based munro and France-based MarMar decided to make a track together, all it took was a few Zoom sessions until they arrived at the final product. Officially releasing tomorrow on bitbird, join us in taking a first listen to their collaboration, “Coexistence.

The two artists truly focused on creating this track with their community in mind. MarMar and munro opt for soft, spacious piano chords, and a free-flowing beat, imparting a feeling of weightlessness on the listener. The duo infuses a powerful vocal sample at 1:46, communicating their intended message concretely within inspiring spoken-word lyrics.

munro commented on the meaning behind “Coexistence,” sharing:

I think it’s easy as artists to sometimes get a little absorbed in our own internal creative journey to the point that we forget about all the external input – fans, friends, whānau, artists – it’s all connected. Conceptually, that’s what we were going for with Coexistence, a chance to remember and reflect on everything (and everyone) that makes us ‘us.’

You can stream “Coexistence” exclusively at the link below, before its official release tomorrow on bitbird. Enjoy!

munro & MarMar – Coexistence