PREMIERE | Nora En Pure Unveils Invigorating Melodic House Track, “Monsoon”

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A new Nora En Pure Track? I had feeling today was gonna be a good day. Coming to us via exclusive premiere from Enormous Tunes, Nora’s new track, “Monsoon,” will leave you brimming with a revitalized energy.

Angelic keys greet us with a warm, chordal introduction that rises into an uplifting, 4×4 driven breath of fresh air. Chopped up vocal samples encircle us as rapidly rhythmic bass bumps below. As we move through a stadium ready bridge of resonant high pitched synths and countering kicks, we come to a gentle rest on our new cloud nine. No need to worry, this rest is only momentary, we’ll soon be back on the invigorating wave that is Nora’s newest offering.

Nora En Pure just gets it. Her music always seems to hit the ear just right, each track better than the last. If you’re still dragging your feet on joining the Nora En Pure fan club, let this be your formal invitation. Stream her latest hit, “Monsoon,” below. Enjoy!

Nora En Pure – Monsoon