PREMIERE | Oliver Nelson Gives Glamour Hammer’s “Stay With Me” A Sunny New Flip

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Last year, mysterious artist Glamour Hammer released a bubbly 70’s soul inspired jam titled “Stay With Me.” Today, the enigmatic producer has found the perfect partner in Oliver Nelson to give the hit song a proper rework on Icons Creating Evil Art.

GH’s first go was an easy breezy tune featuring softly energetic keyboards, a soulful pining lead vocal, and an undeniably groovy bass line. It’s a select few who could give this breezy original a proper flip, and Oliver Nelson is definitely on that list. The Swedish producer has a knack for disco/funk inspired dance music, and that same energy is the perfect enhancement for this tune. By turning up the tempo, constructing a bouncing 4×4 bass, and adding some shimmering light-weight synths, Nelson gives this track an injection of sonic sunshine.

A well-executed remix can take a song to new heights and that’s exactly what we have here. Nelson’s light-hearted disco revamp is the perfect compliment to the original’s soulful roots. Stream Oliver Nelson’s refreshing remix of Glamour Hammer’s “Stay With Me” below. Enjoy!

Glamour Hammer – Stay With Me (Oliver Nelson Remix)