PREMIERE | OMNOM Delivers Head-Spinning Remix Of Ardalan’s “Baba Cosmo”

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Last year, DIRTYBIRD mainstay, Ardalan, released his debut album, Mr. Good, leading the charge in a new direction for both artist and label. The album received high praise, and now has even earned itself a whole remix album and remix stream party. We’ve copped one of the forthcoming tracks for early premiere. We’re stoked to have DIRTYBIRD mainstay, OMNOM, back on site for the premiere of his head-spinning remix of Ardalan’s “Baba Cosmo.”

Mr. Good stood out as an exploratory project, experimenting with all things clinking, clunking, minimal, and automated over different four-to-the-floor variations. The original “Baba Cosmo” dialed in a vast planetary vibe, but OMNOM takes the cosmic cut and straps some XL thrusters to the hull. By adding hypnotic vocal chops, buzzing synths, and beefing up the drum loops, the LA producer takes this once quizzical space adventure and sends it hurling through the stars in the most dizzying manner.

This reinforced revamp is just one small sample of what’s to come on Mr. Good Remixes. To celebrate the release of this project, DIRTYBIRD is taking to Twitch on November 27 to host The Mr. Good Remix Pardy with All Proceeds Going to the NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund. The day-long event will be soundtracked by the remix LP’s contributors. Word on the street is that philosophical icon, Baba Cosmo, will be hosting the Pardy. You certainly won’t want to miss whatever antics that camp has in store, you can join the party here. Until then get your early taste by streaming OMNOM’s  boosted remix of Ardalan’s “Baba Cosmo” below. Enjoy!

Aradalan – Baba Cosmo (OMNOM Remix)