PREMIERE | Opiuo & Vorso Launch A Massive Mid-Tempo Banger With “Martian March”

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Whenever we see a new track from Opiuo, we know we’re in for a real treat. The New Zealand born artist has distinguished himself as a wizard of all things funky, grimy, and face melting. Today, we’re stoked to be see the Kiwi team up with UK based artist, Vorso, on a heavy-hitting new single titled “Martian March,” coming to us via Opiuo’s label, Slurp Music.

This latest weapon sounds like it was delivered straight from the outer-rim of the solar system. Buzzing low-end synths fly through your chest like a ray gun while galactic fills zoom in and out of focus atop catastrophic mid-tempo percussion. Opiuo had this to say on creating this track:

Some songs are just infinitely more wonderful to write than others, and Martian March was one of those songs. An intergalactic spastasmic adventure through the warbling worlds of our minds, this song became one of my favourite songs to play as soon as the first session was complete!

This new ripper comes as the latest single from Opiuo and Vorso’s joint EP, Dusty Bugs. After hearing this, it’s clear this dangerous duo is on a mission to floor every listener within ear shot. As we keep our eyes out for the rest of the EP, stream Opiuo and Vorso’s new single, “Martian March,” below. Enjoy!

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