PREMIERE | PALLADIAN Assemble A Serene, Melodic Soundscape With “FUR”


Today we’re pleased to introduce a new artist duo to the site with a rich, wholesome, melodic sound who are sure to brighten up your morning. PALLADIAN hail from Italy, both with backgrounds in architecture. Their previous experience has led to constructing the soundscapes of their songs like tall buildings, and we’re delighted to premiere their latest, “FUR,” which comes via Future Archive Recordings.

The inspiration for “FUR” in fact came from observing the studio cat. PALLADIAN describe the moment like this:

With this song, we wanted to create something more delicate and candid but still catchy.While we were in our home studio messing around with some ideas, Fargo (our studio’s cat) passed by: dust and fur were dancing together in the room.We tried to capture his movements, the light shining on his fur, the softness of it.The chords on the Rhodes, the little bells, the growing rhythm, the percussion, everything about it gives us a similar feeling of our hands going through his fur. Our physical surroundings, once again, were pretty inspiring for us.

Get an exclusive listen to PALLADIAN’s forthcoming track below and enjoy!