PREMIERE | Poldoore Delivers A Silky New Instrumental Groove With “Alfama”

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Today we’re pleased to introduce to the site veteran Belgian producer Poldoore. After making his name in the electronic music scene for the past eight years, he’s landed a release on the indie/electronic label Future Archive Recordings with his forthcoming Wayfare EP. We’re very excited to share the exclusive premiere of the first single, an organically produced groove titled “Alfama.”

“Alfama” stands out with its irresistibly good instrumental sections. It introduces itself with a guitar loop at the beginning, evolves, devolves, then brings itself back around with a brilliant little keyboard solo. This tune feels like it it’s equal parts dialed-in production and free-flowing improvisation. The end result is an enchanting, but modest piece of music that we can’t stop listening to.

Listen to “Alfama” exclusively below. Enjoy!

Poldoore – Alfama