PREMIERE | PVLMS Deliver A Chilled Out Electro Groove With “Steps Of You”

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If you’re like me, you probably have music on at just about every point of your day, most often to set or match the mood of whatever you’re doing. However, it’s not uncommon to get stuck between musical moods, not wanting something overly stimulating, nor something that’s going to put you to sleep. Our latest premiere bridges that gap perfectly. Meet PVLMS, a rising duo on Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage label. Their new track, “Steps of You,” is a sublime genre-blender that will have you feeling 50 shades of refreshed.

If you’ve ever been looking for that track that blurs the lines between house and ambient music, look no further. A simple yet sedated drum kit sets easy energetic pace, while bright, gentle chimes echo overhead. The occasional fade of a low end synth adds just a kiss of extra flavor, but any more would be too much. This track has such a peaceful energy to it, it’s no wonder the duo take so much pride in it:

We wrote and recorded “Steps of You” in a single sitting. It was one of those songs that essentially wrote itself once we figured out the melodies and grooves. This track means a lot to us and we are thrilled to have it out as a single…

This is kind of chilled out groove provides such a versatile energy. Whether it’s a night time drive, evening chores, making breakfast, or steadily working during the day, this tune will get you right. Stream PVLMS new single, “Steps of You,” below. Enjoy!

PVLMS – Steps Of You