PREMIERE | Ravenscoon Drops Video Game-Inspired Bass Banger, “G4M3 OV3R”

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San Francisco-based producer and DJ, Ravenscoon, makes music that combines influences of death metal, hip hop, and punk rock with experimental bass. It wasn’t long before the esteemed label for modern bass music, WAKAAN, would set their sights on the buzzing producer. Today, we’re thrilled to be offering an exclusive premiere of “G4M3 OV3R,” off his forthcoming Fun & Games EP which is set to release tomorrow.

The single and EP are inspired by Ravenscoon’s lifelong love for video games. After stumbling upon some vintage video game inspired samples, he decided to bring them to life. “G4M3 OV3R” starts with that classic 8-bit sound before being infused with some crunchy wubs, glitchy synths, and powerful drums.

Ravenscoon is one of the more promising up and coming bass music producers and it’s nice to hear him still having fun with new releases. Be sure to check out the EP tomorrow but for now enjoy the exclusive listen below. Enjoy!

Ravenscoon – G4M3 OV3R