PREMIERE | Ryan Clover Debuts on Fantastic Voyage with Wavy New Tune “Losing Time Alone”

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Whenever we get sent a track from Fantastic Voyage, we know it’s going to be good. When a label is founded on the premise of breaking free of defined dance genres, its releases are always refreshing. Ryan Clover‘sLosing Time Alone, the newest recruit to Justin Jay’s label, is no exception. 

The backbone of the track is a 4×4 beat that propels us forward, and from there Clover brings in all sorts of experimental electronic sounds. We get swells of dreamy synth, rippling keys, and even accents of distorted guitar riffs. This blend of dance influences is no surprise considering Clover’s background, which is resident DJ at one of New York’s most inclusive queer clubs. While “Losing Time Alone” would certainly be at home at a glitzy venue like that, it would equally belong in a dark basement scene.

If you’re digging the vibe of this track, you’re going to want to check out his full EP Good To Be Here, releasing this Friday. The full EP promises more experimental dance music, ranging from acid to melodic. Until then, you can check out “Losing Time Alone” using the link below. Enjoy!

Ryan Clover – Losing Time Alone