PREMIERE | Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle’s New Downtempo Collab Beckons You to “Move”

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It’s always a good day for us when we get to premiere a track from Loci Records, one of our favorite downtempo labels. For today’s edition we’re bringing you the latest collaboration from Sebastian Davidson and Cir:cle, a soothing track called “Move”.

Despite both producers coming from different musical backgrounds (Davidson, big room, and Cir:cle, DnB), “Move” is a melodic downtempo vibe. This track is full of brooding, moody synth. A haunting vocal sample echoes through the track, making the soundscape feel cavernous. The occasional glimmering chimes thrown in act like snowcaps on the metaphorical mountain range Davdison and Cir:cle have created.

If you like this taste of Davidson and Cir:cle’s collaboration, it appears they have much more to offer us in November, based on this recent teaser. In the meantime, you can check out “Move” below. Enjoy!

Sebastian Davidson & Cir:cle – Move