[PREMIERE] The Floozies – Granola Jones : Electro Funk via GRiZ’ All Good Records

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Mark and Matt Hill are the talented brothers comprising Lawrence, Kansas based electro funk duo The Floozies who are also apart of GRiZ’s All Good Records label family. They've been previously featured with songs like "She Ain't Yo Girlfriend," "FNKTRP," and their collab alongside Big G's Dominic Lalli "Back On It."

Today they have shared the infectious title track off their forthcoming Granola Jones EP and it's easily one of our favorite tracks to date from the guys. 

This single "Granola Jones" truly embodies the Floozies signature sound, a blend of electronic studio productions and live instrumentation for a truly funky blend. It has has sexy guitar riffs and background horns alongside a distorted bassline that grumbles throughout the track adding to the organic, energetic drums. The guys have also managed to debut a new element into this track with Matt Hill of the group offering vocals for the very first time. Stating "I'm really proud of everything in this song, but most of all the singing." The shredding guitar work offers their live funk energy while their electro twist.

This is the type of act you need to see live and they have just announced their latest tour dates, which we have below, so be sure to stop by the date closest to you. The rest of the Granola Jones EP is set to release on Friday Feb 12th. Enjoy!

The Floozies – Granola Jones | iTunes