PREMIERE | Vincent Antone Pays Tribute To Pretty Lights With Sample-Laden Medley

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The year is now 2021, and it’s been eight years since we saw the last project from revered Colorado artist, Pretty Lights. While we continue to be patient for his next musical endeavor, we may have just the thing to hold you over. Vincent Antone, a multi-instrumentalist based in Austin, Texas, has crafted a 10-minute track that creatively pays tribute to the music of Derek Vincent Smith.

The homage is titled “All The Pretty Lights,” and it includes 24 of the original samples featured in 16 different Pretty Lights songs. By hunting down the original samples themselves, Vincent Antone managed to masterfully recreate the familiar vibe of PL’s music without actually laying a hand on any of his released compositions. Any Pretty Lights fan will be able to recognize these samples that were used in iconic tracks like “I Know The Truth,” “Hot Like Sauce,” “Finally Moving,” and many more.

Here’s what Vincent had to say about the tribute to PL:

This is my tribute to Derek Vincent Smith AKA Pretty Lights. I wanted to create something fresh that honored his music in a tasteful but new way, while highlighting some of my favorite songs of his, through the samples he used. This was a gesture of respect to his music, legacy, and impact his music has had on both my life, and my work as a producer.

The track is officially out tomorrow, but you can get an exclusive listen right here, below. Enjoy!

Vincent Antone – All The Pretty Lights (A Pretty Lights Tribute)