PREMIERE | Wreckno Unveils Kaleidoscopic Remix Of Kumarion’s “Want It”

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Flash back to June when GRiZ teamed up with up-and-coming bass bringer, Wreckno, on a spine tingling song of the summer, “Medusa.” We simply could not get enough of those recoiling wobbles, so it brings us great pleasure to bring Wreckno back on site with a beautifully disorienting new edit of Kumarion‘s, “Want It.”

This track flows to and fro like a multicolored wave in the ocean. Warm synths are the first thing to greet us, gently surging to the forefront before descending in favor of something more a little more catatonic. We next melt into an extra heady drop of mind-numbing feed back loops and sputtering vocal chops, leaving listeners in a dumbfounded heap on the floor.

If anybody needs me, try again next week. My brain is mush after listening to this track and that’s exactly how I like it. Stream Wreckno’s pulsating new edit of Kumarion’s “Want It” below. Enjoy!

Kumarion – Want It (Wreckno Edit)