PREMIERE | Zanski Brilliantly Blends Soul, R&B, & Electronic Music With New Single “Hauntology”


Zanski is the Toronto based artist that is doing something different that has caught our ears. Skillfully combining the worlds of Soul, RnB and Electronic, his sounds hit hard while maintaining a beautiful serenity to them.

We are thrilled to invite Zanski onto the website via premiere of his latest single, “Hauntology“. The track is an uplifting piece with focus placed on the beautifully layered vocals. With the use of excellent modulation, the vocals are enough to make the track on their own. Zanski, however, shines though not just as a singer, but as a producer and songwriter as well. The accompanying instrumentation is hand selected to pick the most pristine sounds for supporting all of the elements within the mix. Knocking drums, soft guitar licks, and tasteful usage of synthesizers are prevalent throughout.

The track speaks on mental health and anxiety. On the topics of existentialism and fear of impermanence. However, in the face of it all Zanski beautifully responds with, “so what?”.

“Hauntology” is the second release off of Zanski’s forthcoming EP Upon Frigid Water. You can listen to it now exclusively below. Enjoy!

Zanski – Hauntology