Pretty Lights to Debut New Album On Upcoming Tour

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The Pretty Lights hype is alive and well! We’re just one week away from the start of his long-awaited comeback tour and fresh off the news of his epic 3-day camping festival at The Caverns. As expected, social media is buzzing and former Pretty Lights’ member and longtime friend Michal Menert has just revealed something incredible.

Many have been wondering if/when we’d be hearing new music from Pretty Lights, who hasn’t released new material in nearly six years. Now, we can confirm that there’s a new album on the horizon which will be debuted on this upcoming tour. Even more astonishing, Michal Menert has revealed that “no set will be the same” with unique material “saved specifically for that place.”

Pretty Lights’ Soundship Spacesystem Tour is one of the most anticipated events of the year and rightfully so. Pretty Lights and his team have been airtight when it comes to new music but news of a new album is just icing on the cake of everything happening. Check out the thread below for yourself!

6 days a week since the beginning of June. Dozens of songs prepared. New material to bless y’all with. 3 nights, no repeats. Leaving the warehouse today to start dress rehearsal this weekend. This is really happening..

— MENERT (@michalmenert) July 26, 2023