PREMIERE | Aussie Duo Hermitude Share Blissful New Song “Balafono”

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Following a string of successful releases, the Australian duo, Hermitude, continue their train of dreamlike records with another single off of their upcoming album, Pollyanarchy, releasing September 27th. In their most recent track “Balafono,” the duo go back into their roots, stripping down to pure production in one of only two tracks off the album to not have a collaborative artist. “Balafono” totes a blissful bounce through the usage of world percussion, melodic instruments, uniquely ethnic sounding vocal chops, and a warm and full sounding moving synth. 

Within seconds of the track, it’s quick to feel at ease. As if you’re walking through a forest in a far off island, the sounds permeating and forming the aesthetic of the piece keep you in a trance like calm state. Starting with a pleasant entry into the track, the piece wraps up in fantastic cathartic emotion with distant shimmering layers placed gently atop the production. Placed in between the two well received singles “Dusk Til Dawn” featuring Vic Mensa and “OneFourThree” (feat. Buddy & BJ The Chicago Kid)’ it’s easy to see how “Balafono” will transport us between the musical realms of its neighboring songs when listening to the album throughout. 

Much like this track, the album’s name is a reflection of finding clarity in chaos. Showcasing a wide range of influences, Pollyanarachy is able to take us on a journey from the highs of trap inspired beats to the serenity brought on by late-night R&B and tracks like “Balafono.” The eleven track album features a multitude of collaborators including Buddy, Bibi Bourelly, Haiku Hands, Soaky Sirens, and more, showing us the united power Hermitude has to bring such an eclectic group together in one congruent project. To support the upcoming release of the album, the duo are currently on a world wide tour with just a few stops left among the West side of the United States. 

“Balafono” has been playing on repeat for us since we’ve had the pleasure of listening to it and now it can do the same for you. Listen below and allow yourself to be carried away. Enjoy!

Hermitude – Balafono