Rave Revivalists Prospa Concoct Advanced Sounds & Euphoric Energy On Vol. 1 Of ‘Rave Science’

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We admit it, we’ve been holding out on you guys. We somehow have not yet covered one of the UK’s most unique and exciting young DJ duos. Prospa is Harvey Blumler and Gosha Smith, two longtime friends from Leeds that are reinventing the rave energy of the 90’s and 00’s with their unique vision and fresh sound. Still relatively early on in their official music career (their first release was in 2017), they’ve succeeded in creating a style like no other.

Often working with breakbeat rhythms and analog synthesizers, the duo’s industrial and acid tinged sounds have resulted in some high octane music. They’ve just come out with some of their finest music yet in Rave Science Vol. 1, three hefty tracks with influences of techno, trance, and hardcore from the 2000’s. The EP starts off with a collaboration with another innovator, DJ Seinfeld, who did a remix for Prospa’s breakout hit “Prayer.”

Lead track “Sira” rides a breakbeat and an oscillating bassline, slowly lifting up with some incredible synth work, and even a guitar riff. With an awesome house breakdown, this track is poised to become a DJ weapon. “Burns No More” is yet another unique and euphoric Prospa track, moving with a complex techno beat and transitioning into a breakbeat on the bridge. Euphoric synth sweeps in tandem with a vocal sample bring this track higher and higher. “Boy Racer” was possibly the most impressive of the EP with its booming bass and colorful spectrum of synths, forming a mercurial psychedelic soundscape that really stimulates the brain.

The boys from Prospa masterfully layer and manipulate sounds to create tracks that are meant to live and breathe on the dance floor. For now the speakers will have to do, but we are looking forward to seeing them inspire dance floors at clubs and festivals for years to come. Listen to the EP in the stream below. Enjoy!

Prospa – Rave Science Vol. 1