PSY – Gangnam Style Music Video + (Candyland OG Trap Remix) : Hilarious Korean Electronic Video with OG Trap Remix


Alright so I just saw the video above.. "Gangnam Style" by PSY.. and at the time I'm posting it, has over 185 million views, and got uploaded July 15th. That is insane, but not nearly as insane as the video itself. It's one of the funniest most entertaining music videos I've ever seen, with a very unqiue fast paced blend of rapping over an electronic music. There is very little english besides "Sexy Lady", but that doesn't take away from how epic it is. The first time I was pretty confused, then by end of the second time through I was starting to pick up the Gangnam Style moves. What do you think about Psy?

PSY – Gangnam Style | iTunes

California based duo Candyland, who's dropped popular remixes like "Sandstorm (OG Trap Remix)" or "Rick Ross – Hustlin (Candyland Dubstep Remix)", just recently broke 10,000 facebook fans and ask their fans what song to remix, and this won. So we get the OG Trap remix to Gangnam style, which is a chilled out trap remix.

PSY – Gangnam Style (Candyland OG Trap Remix) | Direct Download

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