Pump Up The Jams (Savoy Remix) – Technotronic : Sick House Remix

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Above are the jaw dropping lasers that Savoy brings out to some of their biggest shows, like at GlowFest tonight. Today I've got another great smooth house remix from Savoy, who this time took on the 90's single 'Pump up the Jams'. They took the perfect amount of song recognizable song and made it into a danceable bass filled anthem. It's got that signature Savoy flavor, but the more chilled out smooth side, rather then the bass explosion in your face. Turn it up and enjoy this remix to a hilarious 90's classic!

Pump Up The Jams – Technotronic | Download

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Remember that Savoy is going to be Headlining GlowFest tonight with Crystal Castles, Sorry for Partying, Thick, Chick, and McAdoo tonight in Boulder, Colorado at The Balch Field House. Over 3,000 tickets have been sold, this even tis looking like it going to be selling out, so don't miss out!

Tickets available for $25 for CU Students  and $35 for Public
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