Purity Ring Share Amazing New Song “Asido” As First Original Release In Years


On the five year anniversary of their debut album Shrines, Purity Ring has shared a new song with us, entitled "Asido." This is the first release of theirs since the 2015 album Another Eternity, which topped the electronic charts when it came out. 

The song is a return to form of Shrines, trading into the large, pop-oriented sounds of their second album for a dark and moody track. The song opens up with producer Corin Roddick's signature xylophone notes before Megan James' vocals come in alongside a slow, drawn-out bass. The chorus is immediately infectious, with the words "feel as lonely as I do" combining to create the song's title, as they are known to do. 

The Canadian duo has been relatively quiet recently after announcing they would be taking a break from touring to focus on making new music earlier this year. If this is an indicator of what their next album will sound like, we will eagerly be awaiting that announcement. Enjoy! 

Purity Ring – Asido