Purity Ring Drop Alluring New Single, “Soshy”

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As long time fans of Purity Ring here at TSIS, we’re always itching for new material from the Canadian Duo. Last we heard from them, they had just released their 2020 album, Womb. Today, over a year later, our thirst for more of their fantastically dreamy synth-pop finally sees some relief with the release of their new single, “Soshy.”

Whenever we hear that wonderfully soft manipulated vocal pair up with that intoxicatingly robust production, we’re reminded why we’re such huge Purity Ring fans. The energy is infectious. They don’t skip a single beat on this latest single and we absolutely love it.

While the Edmonton-based pair does have a reputation for taking a fair amount of time between releases, hopefully this new single is the first step towards a string of releases to come in the back half of the year. Stream Purity Ring’s new single, “Soshy,” below. Enjoy!

Purity Ring – Soshy