QUIX Unleashes Heavy, Impressive New 4-Track EP ‘IDK [Vol. 1]’

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Coming off of his latest collab with Alison Wonderland, QUIX has released a 4-track EP entitled IDK [Vol. 1]. The young Kiwi’s take on dubstep/trap is definitely something different and more refined than a lot of the stuff out there, which is exactly why we’re loving IDK.

He takes a slower, more spaced-out approach that lets the sounds breathe, giving them all the more power and impact. Tracks “Huhhh” and “Fiji Day 4” really showcase this talent of his, while “FON” and “My House is IKEA” are a little more uptempo.

QUIX is a great artist for those who love dubstep, and a great gateway artist for those that may not be totally sold yet. While definitely dubby, every sound or womp serves a purpose and isn’t there to just tack on more noise. He named this release Vol. 1 specifically, and I’m hoping the subsequent drops come sooner rather than later. Enjoy!

QUIX – IDK [Vol. 1]